Now available, ‘Aligning’, ‘Calming Emotions’, ‘Clearing’, ‘Grounding’ and ‘Protecting’ Devices.  When selecting a “Device,” it is important to address the energy correction that is needed, rather than symptoms an individual experiences.  Individuals may wish to address their always feeling lightheadedness and conclude they need a “Grounding Device”.  However, individuals may become ungrounded when too many competing energies remain in their energy fields.  In this instance, a “Clearing Device” would better address the symptoms of being ungrounded.  Select your “Device” intuitively, muscle test, dowse or ask Lyra for a recommendation.  

For more information, here are the most frequently asked questions along with a reply.  

Chakra Optimization

Chakra Optimization wrist band clears, unblocks, balances, strengthens, re-energizes and attunes all the chakras in the body.  

Aligning Device (A1)

Aligns personal energies by supporting continuous energy flow in an up/down, right/left, diagonal (right to left and left to right) and front/back directions.Aligning Device (A1)

Balancing Device (B1)

Balances individuals by finding their energetic center and rebalancing their energetic system around a focal point of balance and stability.

Calming Emotions Device (E1)

​Calms emotions by deactivating and eliminating emotional triggers (that cause one to stay stuck, blocked or in a loop) and stabilizing personal energies.

Clearing Device (C2)

Clears by unblocking personal energies, transmuting released energies and supporting continuous energy flow in the physical body and energetic system.

Clearing Device (C3)

Clears by streamlining incoming and outgoing energies to prevent individuals’ personal energies from becoming overwhelmed.

Grounding Device (G1)

​Grounds by dispersing excess energies, redirecting personal energies in a downward and inward direction, and supporting continuous energy flow in the physical body and energetic system.

Protecting Device (P1)

​Protects personal energies by strengthening personal boundaries, supporting continuous energy flow and connecting individuals to their personal center

Additional “Devices” will be available in the upcoming months.

Do not insert the "Device" in a computer port.                                                                                                                         Price $29.99 Each

Personal Energy Solutions Devices

Personal Energy Solutions (PES) is launching a new product call the “Device” that assists individuals with their personal energies.  The “Device” corrects and enhances energy flow throughout an individual’s physical body and energetic system (energy field).  Individuals will center, ground, align, heal and protect themselves energetically when the energies within their bodies and energy fields are moving in a continuous, coherent and unencumbered manner.  Individuals become energetically stronger with continued use as the “Device” trains the individual’s energetic system to hold the energy flow correction.

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