September 2018 - Avoid Being An Energetic Sponge &Taking On Others Energies

Find out how you can avoid being an energetic sponge and taking on others emotions, moods, tiredness, thoughts, beliefs, physical discomforts and more.  Explore energetic processes that assist you to maintain high energy levels – shields, boundaries, open/closed energy circuits, clearing and transmutation processes.  Learn how to detect changes in yourself that lets you know you are taking on others’ energies.  During the session, you will get to practice a variety of techniques. 

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Learn new skills, acquire specific and personalized information about energy work, intuitiveness, clairvoyance, guides, power animals, channeling, sacred space, managing personal energies, gemstones, chakras, protective shields and more.  Each month a different topic is offered to assist you in your intuitive and energetic endeavors.   If there are topics you feel would be helpful for yourself and others, email Lyra with your suggestions.

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