February 2019 - Moving into the New Year

It's 2019 and many of us wonder what is in store for us.  How will 2019 play out?  How can I best move forward into the New Year?  Find out the type of momentum that propels 2019 and the best way to navigate yourself through it.  Engage in a session that clarifies the themes and energetic drive for 2019. 

Prepare for the New Year with a 1/2-hour session reviewing 2019's trends (fee $50) or an hour-long personalized session to assist you in clarifying your direction and choices for 2019 (fee $100).

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Learn new skills, acquire specific and personalized information about energy work, intuitiveness, clairvoyance, guides, power animals, channeling, sacred space, managing personal energies, gemstones, chakras, protective shields and more.  Each month a different topic is offered to assist you in your intuitive and energetic endeavors.   If there are topics you feel would be helpful for yourself and others, email Lyra with your suggestions.