November-December 2018 - Get Ready for the New Year

Planning for the New Year starts now!  Engage in a session that clarifies the themes and energetic drive for 2019. ​The energies that prevailed from April to September of 2018 (that challenged individuals' core issues and perspectives), have taken a turn as 2019 energies seep into the last quarter of 2018. Circumstances are resolving as each of us takes the necessary steps to address the situations that overwhelmed us.

Benefit from understanding the energetic drive and themes to be realized in 2019 - 1/2-hour Session Fee $50.  The hour-long session is personalized to address how the trends pertain to you and how to navigate the upcoming year (Fee $100).

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Learn new skills, acquire specific and personalized information about energy work, intuitiveness, clairvoyance, guides, power animals, channeling, sacred space, managing personal energies, gemstones, chakras, protective shields and more.  Each month a different topic is offered to assist you in your intuitive and energetic endeavors.   If there are topics you feel would be helpful for yourself and others, email Lyra with your suggestions.