Single Sessions

May be scheduled at your convenience by calling Lyra and setting up an appointment.  When you call, she will engage you in a 10-minute chat to determine whether a session with her would be beneficial for you.   Once you schedule a session, Lyra will channel to obtain answers for you and then convey those answers to you shortly thereafter in a half hour session.  (fee $75)

Monthly Special

Every month a different topic is featured so individuals can get information and techniques about a variety of topics involving the use of subtle energy and intuitive skills.   These sessions are personalized so you get answers specific to you and acquire skills you can apply to your personal situation.  (fee $50)   For more information about this month's topic, go to 


Home Makeover Course

The Inexpensive Way of Doing A Home Makeover (Changing the Essence, Energetics and Ambiance of Your Home)

 “Essence” – Fundamental Nature, Spirit, Core;   “Energetics” – Vibrancy, Liveliness;   “Ambiance” – Feel, Character, Mood, Vibes

​Everything that goes into individuals’ homes gives the home specific attributes (essence, energetics and ambiance).  It is amazing how quickly changes occur when specific items are moved, put away, taken out or placed in areas that generate vibrancy and flow. 

In this 6-week individualized practicum Lyra pinpoints specific changes individuals can implement to give the home an overall home makeover effect.  She explains the impact we have on our living space and its impact on our well being, lifestyles, relationships, careers, jobs, choices and opportunities.  Lyra uses a holistic approach and addresses the energetic interactions of everything in the living space.  Learn how to find or create your power site, brainstorming area, relaxation and regeneration spot, money corner and more.  (Fee $695)

Making Room For It Course
“Making Room for It (a major change)” is essential when a family member, career, job, relationship or a significant lifestyle change, hobby, activity or event comes into our lives.  We may need to reassign living space, bring in additional items and adjust schedules. 

With these changes, the home may take on a disjointed, chaotic quality.  By evaluating and re-establishing the home’s vibrancy, flow and ambiance (feel, character, mood, vibes) we can create a more comfortable and nurturing home environment.

In this 6-week individualized practicum Lyra pinpoints specific changes individuals can implement to give the home an overall integrated feel.  Learn how to clear, neutralize, contain, direct, energize and integrate the vital flow of energy that runs through the home to create a harmonious and supportive environment.   Lyra explains how individuals, activities and items impact the home’s environment as well as our well being, relationships, energy levels, emotional states, choices and opportunities.   (Fee $695)

Energy/Intuitive Courses

Gain a comprehensive understanding of how energy and intuitive skills work with six-week courses that explore related topics, different scenarios, lots of techniques and a personal view of how it all relates to your life.  Acquire a strong foundation and fine tune your skills with interactive sessions, feedback and personal evaluations.  Below are some of the courses we offer or speak to us about creating a custom course for you.  (fee $495)

5 Energy Processes
Topics:  Explore Different Ways to Clear, Ground, Balance, Integrate and Expand Energies for Yourself, Others and Your Environment 

Protecting Your Energy - Part 1
Topics:  Understanding Energetic Interactions; Impact of Physical, Emotional, Mental and Etheric Energies on Personal Energies; Removing Unwanted Energies; Protective Boundaries; Keeping Chaotic Energies from Attaching Themselves to One's Energy Field; Reclaiming Personal Energies

Protecting Your Energy - Part 2
Topics:  Transmuting Chaotic Energies; Projecting Protective Energies; Protective Role of Guardians and Guides; Creating A Protected Personal Space; Creating A Protected Interactive Spaces

​Owning Your Personal Space
Topics:  The Body As A Physical Space; Aura and Energy Bodies As A Space; Spiritual and Energetic Guides As Part of Your Energetic Space; Creating An Intuitive and Protected Space Personal Space; Creating A Supportive Interactive Space

Owning Your Energy
Topics:  Energy and Your Environment; Flow of Energy Into and Out of the Body; Energy Circuits; Blocked and Sluggish Energy; Polarity, Release Valves; Managing Energy

Energetic Home
Topics:  Stagnant Energies; Corrections/Changes to Energy Flow; Space As Real Estate; Interacting with Space; Protection - Clearing, Transmuting, Boundaries; Sharing Responsibility for Energetic Space

Practitioner's Protocol

Topics: Work Space; Practitioner's Space; Client's Space;  Opening A Session; Interactive Exchanges; Closing/Clearing Sessions Energies

Mastering Intuitive Gifts
Topics:  Create a Safe Environment in Which to Use Your Gifts; Spontaneous Intuitive Episodes;  Learn to Connect and Direct Your Gifts; Establish Protocol and Procedures; Insure Accurate Information; Maintain Healthy Personal Energy Levels and Lifestyle

Energy and Health
Topics: Energy, Health and Well Being; Relieving Stuck Energies; Cycling Healing Energies Through the Physical Body; Chakra Balancing; Generating Healing Energies; Managing Personal Energy Levels

Shifting With Crystals and Gemstones
Topics: Crystals & Gemstones Properties; Chakras & Gemstones; Crystal & Gemstone Body Layouts; Crystal & Gemstones Room Layouts; Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Well Being and Gemstones


Lyra and Clyde John Kranz offer custom and personalized instruction, taking into account individuals’ understanding, knowledge base and inherent esoteric skills.  We provide detailed answers, custom exercises, unique techniques, feedback, experiential activities and energetic support.  Mentoring with us enables you to work with individuals who focus on your questions, needs, unique way of understanding and doing things so you can master and fine tune your psychic, intuitive and energetic skills. 

Mentoring sessions are flexible, interactive, one-on-one and handled in person or via telephone.​​