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Explore topics that may have intrigued you with individuals with over 30 years experience in alternative modalities.  Gain a comprehensive understanding of your chosen topic with a six-week course that explores different scenarios, lots of techniques and a personal view of how it all relates to you.  Acquire a strong foundation and fine tune your skills with interactive sessions, feedback and personal evaluations.  Below are some of the classes we offer.    (Class fees $495 - six one-hour classes.)


Crystals and Gemstones
Topics: Choosing Crystals and Gemstones, Crystals & Gemstones Properties; Maintaining Crystals and Gemstones, Chakras & Gemstones; Crystal & Gemstone Layouts

Home Sweet Home
Topics:  Ambiance & Harmonious Surroundings, Stagnant Energies; Energy Flow; Space As Real Estate; Interacting with Space; Protection - Clearing, Transmuting, Boundaries;

Practitioner's Protocol for Massage, Salon, Healthcare Professionals
Topics:  Work Space; Practitioner's Space; Client's Space; Interactive Exchanges; Closing/Clearing Exchanged Energies

5 Energy Processes
Topics:  Explore Different Ways to Clear, Ground, Balance, Integrate and Expand Energies for Yourself, Others and Your Environment 

Protecting Your Energy - Part 1
Topics:  Understanding Energetic Interactions; Impact of Physical, Emotional, Mental and Etheric Energies on Personal Energies; Removing Unwanted Energies; Protective Boundaries; Keeping Chaotic Energies from Attaching Themselves to One's Energy Field; Reclaiming Personal Energies

Protecting Your Energy - Part 2
Topics:  Transmuting Chaotic Energies; Projecting Protective Energies; Protective Role of Guardians and Guides; Creating A Protected Personal Space; Creating A Protected Interactive Spaces

​Owning Your Personal Space
Topics:  The Body As A Physical Space; Aura and Energy Bodies As A Space; Spiritual and Energetic Guides As Part of Your Energetic Space; Creating An Intuitive and Protected Space Personal Space; Creating A Supportive Interactive Space

Owning Your Energy
Topics:  Energy and Your Environment; Flow of Energy Into and Out of the Body; Energy Circuits; Blocked and Sluggish Energy; Polarity, Release Valves; Managing Energy

Energetic Home
Topics:  Stagnant Energies; Corrections/Changes to Energy Flow; Space As Real Estate; Interacting with Space; Protection - Clearing, Transmuting, Boundaries; Sharing Responsibility for Energetic Space


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