Energy Work

Clyde John Kranz and Lyra work together during the energy work sessions.  Clyde John acts as a conduit directing energy to individuals from universal sources.  Lyra receives information and answers questions during the sessions.  The energies individuals receive are dependent upon the recipients' energetic makeup, affinity for specific energies and the types of energies required to balance or shift individuals energetically and/or intuitively.  Energy is universal.  However, having the ability to bring forth the right energetics specific for individuals makes the sessions highly effective.  Clyde John also provides individuals with a method of accessing the energies, after a session, thus empowering them.

Energetic Calibrations

Energetic calibrations remove energetic blockages, correct energy imbalances and attune the quality and quantity of energy moving through the physical body and energy field.  Calibrations may be done via telephone or in person by appointment or during one of the events where we exhibit.


Access never-ending streams of extraordinary energies distinct from any you have experienced before.  Individuals experience a sense of being connected as energy flows into their physical bodies and energy fields.  Individuals often experience heighten awareness, visions, sounds, sensations and long-forgotten memories.  We provide individuals with specific instruction for accessing downloaded energies.  Suggestion regarding how individuals can use the energies for their energetic well being, to expand their consciousness or to connect more fully with intuitive gifts are also provided.  Downloads are done in person to better monitor individuals' integration of the new energies.


"Outstanding, the most complete energy session I have ever had.  It is energy work, teaching, psychic reading and mentorship all rolled into one.”   Kim Kalina, Berne, NY    ​

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