Personal Energy Solutions Devices

Personal Personal Energy Solutions (PES) is launching a new product call the “Device” that assists individuals with their personal energies.  The “Device” corrects and enhances energy flow throughout an individual’s physical body and energetic system (energy field).  Fpr a list of the various devices now available go to

Hemi-Sync Products

Used for super learning, ADD/ADHD, meditation, sleep and altered states of conscious.  For a detailed list of items sold by SES go to 

Crystals & Gemstones

We handle hand-size gemstones - fluorite, amazonite, girasol, selenite tubes, selenite wands, small spheres, quartz points, clear quartz clusters, platonic solid shapes in clear quartz and tumbled gemstones that may be used to create chakra and gemstone layouts kits. 

Crystals and gemstones are available for purchase at the expo and fairs in which we exhibit.  By request, Lyra will intuitively and energetically organize specific chakra and gemstone layout kits for individuals and give them an explanation about how to use them.  She emails pictures to individuals and if applicable sends the energetic signature of gemstones to individuals so they can evaluates the selections prior to mailing the gemstones. 

Sound Tools

Singing bowls, bells and tingshas are used to assist individuals during meditation, to clear themselves, others or the space around them.     


Energy Tools

Subtle Energy Skills offers a variety of tools to assist individuals in their energetic and intuitive endeavors.  Each item is carefully selected based on its energetic properties and usefulness in helping individuals to attain energetic/intuitive well being and proficiency in managing personal energies.