Clearing Chakra Kit

Releases blocked energies from the physical body and energy field.  A variety of quartz gemstones is the key to creating a clearing kit.

Aligning Chakra Kit

Gathers individuals’ personal energies.  This assists in keeping individuals’ energy fields clear because the energy fields no longer extend too far away from the individuals' energetic cores.  Kyanite or other gemstones with striations is the key to creating an alignment kit.

Grounding Chakra Kit 

Moves individuals’ personal energies in an inward and downward direction.  Garnet is the key gemstone to creating a grounding kit.

Protecting Chakra Kit 

Generates a protective shield so others’ energies will not adversely affect individuals.  Black tourmaline is the key gemstone to creating a protective kit.

​Strengthening Chakra Kit

Creates a strong energetic foundation by combining gemstones that center and anchor individuals’ personal energies into their core systems. Deeper colored gemstones are key to creating a strengthening kit.​​

$25 - $35 Per Kit

Specialty Chakra Kits

Specialty Chakra Kits assist individuals to manage their personal energies.  The focus of these kits is to clear, align, ground, protect and strengthen personal energies.  Individuals can simply hold the stones all together to affect an energetic correction in the flow of energy cycling through their physical bodies and energy fields.  Individuals can intuitively select a gemstone to carry with them.  Often it coincides with what is needed that day, a heart chakra stone when emotions are easily felt, a throat chakra stone when communications are critical or a root chakra stone when you need to stay grounded.

For a chakra kit to be effective, it needs to resonate with the individuals using the kit.  Lyra energetically matches and customizes each kit for the individuals getting them.

Sample Chakra Kits