Sugilite (B09)

PPE009                       $65

Kyanite/Tiger's Eye (B13)

PPB013                      $89

Lyra's Energetic Jewelry - Gemstone Bracelets

Bracelets may be worn alone or in combinations with complementary gemstone pendants, necklaces and earring to create 

an energetic flow throughout the physical body and energy field.  SP - Support Piece, TP - Teaching Piece, PP - Power Piece

B - Balances, C - Clears, E - Expands, G - Grounds, I - Integrates.​

Smoky Quartz (B12)

PPC012                      $38

Black Tourmaline (B02)

SPG002                      $49

Labradorite (B01)

SPI001                        $25

Aventurine (B06)

SPC006                      $30

Garnet (B04)

PPG004                      $79

Amethyst (B07)

SPC007                      $25

Pietersite (B10)

TPI010                        $49


Morganite (B03)

SPC003                      $30

Aquarmarine (B11)

TPC011                      $89

Carnelian (B14)

SPG014                      $69

Rutilated Quartz (B15)

PPE015                    $110


Labradorite (B08)

TPI008                        $59

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Kyanite (B05)

SPB005                      $38