Lyra (Elizabeth Fernandez)

Clyde John Kranz

What's Important to Us


To live consciously, energetically and intuitively.  To teach others how to shift their energies, re-energized and realize their unlimited energetic and intuitive potential.


As Subtle Energy Skills (SES) mentors, we assist others to tap into their energetic, intuitive and healing abilities.  We offer energetic evaluations, energy work, energy tools and teach energy skills.


Training is one-on-one since the answers and techniques we offer are specific and unique to each individual, their skills and personal energies.   We are trainers as well as information providers.  Lyra and John work interactively to insure individuals become proficient in using energetic and intuitive skills to resolve, transform and manifest positive changes in themselves and in their lives.  For more information about the type of training we offer, go to


Lyra's (Elizabeth Fernandez)Skills Set

Lyra's excels at bringing forth information and has been doing so since the age of 14.  Although John calls her a "parrot", Lyra sees herself as a receiver tuning into different channels in order to get information using her clairaudient, clairvoyant and clairsentient abilities.   Lyra became licensed in massage therapy in 1987.  Her bodywork practice now centers around teaching others how to manage their personal energies, chakra balancing, generating protective shields and creating high energetic environments.  She handcrafts a full line of energetic gemstones jewelry (pendants, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, anklets) to help balance individuals' personal energies.​  To view some of Lyra's Energetic Jewelry, go to 

​Clyde John Kranz's Skills Set 

Clyde John's unique “Calibration and Download” style energy work, helps individuals adjust their personal energies and allows them to access new and varied energy signatures.  Clyde John has over 40 years experience working with spiritual and metaphysical communities helping to awaken others to expanded levels of consciousness.  He has worked with educational conference centers, religious science, natural food co-ops and intentional communities.​   He encourages others to achieve expanded states of awareness and offers a variety of tools that allow individuals' consciousnesses to shift to new heights.  For more information about Clyde John's energy work, go to

See Us At An Expo or Fair

Lyra and Clyde John lecture and exhibit transformational tools at consciousness, new age, psychic and health expos throughout the U.S.  For more information, go to